Revolutionizing Postharvest through sustainable solutions and expertise


The most effective solution to help prevent food waste

An essential tool to protect fruits and vegetables against diseases and preventing food loss and waste. Fungicides are carefully monitored by supra-state organizations such as EFSA, FDE, among others. DECCO’s postharvest solutions including a wide range of broad-spectrum fungicides offer flexible application methods, increase the amount of heathy fruit, reduce the risk of resistance and always complying with current legislation and the required MRL’s. Postharvest fungicides benefits are many.

- Helping to inactivate spores deposited in wounds. Therefore, preventing incipient infections, and inhibiting the development of latent infections.

- Fungicides can protect the skin from infection of wounds made after the application of fungicides.

- They inhibit sporulation on the skin of fruits to prevent the transmission of infection by contact.


Solutions to delay senescence, weight loss and maintain fruit quality

Fruit is a highly perishable product that after harvesting undergoes a fast aging process, that leads to a significant deterioration in both its physical appearance and organoleptic quality. To prevent these issues, the application of coatings on fruits has proven to be a highly effective solution, offering remarkable benefits, such as:

- Great ability to delay senescence.

- Preventing dehydration that can lead to weight loss and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. - Helping to maintain the nutritional value, improving overall appearance, making it more appealing to consumers.

- Especially when fruit is exposed to cold temperatures, coatings can help prevent chilling injuries.

- By protecting the fruit, coatings are an asset in help reduce food loss and waste and additional value to your sustainability management.

Sanitizers and Cleaners

Enhancers of effectiveness, with cleaning and sanitizing, healing and fungistatic effect

Washing and sanitizing the fruit are essential steps to obtain successful results in postharvest. Our extensive portfolio is designed and formulated specifically to meet your postharvest challenges. There are numerous benefits of using cleaners and sanitizers in your postharvest operations.

- Removing any dirt or debris from the surface of the fruit.

- Maintaining clean treatment waters and production lines, reducing the risk of cross contaminations, as well as sanitizing the fruit.

- Promoting sustainable practices by helping to reduce environmental impact of your packinghouse operations.

- They can help with healing micro-wounds that are inevitably caused in the field.

- They can offer a fungistatic and synergistic effect with fungicides that increase the efficacy of fungicides and reduce the risk of resistance.

Plant Growth Regulators

Storage solutions to improve produce's quality and shelf life as well as customers profitability

The extended portfolio of DECCO to help keep maximum quality and freshness of the produce during storage and transportation, offers plant growth regulators such as:

- 1-MCP to control ethylene in pome fruits. Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that controls different physiological processes, including ripening, and senescence. However, ethylene can also cause premature ripening and spoilage of produce during storage and transportation. By blocking the ethylene receptors, 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) is an effective plant growth regulator tool and can slow down the ripening process and extend the shelf life of the produce.

- Potato storage management to help mitigate sprouting and unwanted color and flesh issues. Sprout growth can lead significant weight loss and quality deterioration. Plant growth regulators, designed by DECCO protect the produce by reducing respiration and increasing moisture retention, preserving quality, improving marketability and profitability.


The guarantee of precision, efficiency and consistency of the postharvest solution

It is important to have effective postharvest solutions in place to extend the shelf life and preserve the freshness and the nutritional value of the produce. To accomplish that, it is vital to have adequate equipment for an optimal application of dosing, monitoring, and cleaning or fruits and vegetables. At DECCO, we offer tailor-made solutions, designing, installing new-technology equipment to have under control your operations by precise, stable, constant, and efficient application of postharvest plant protection products. DECCO equipment helps you deliver increased efficiency, improved quality, reduce waste, enhanced food safety and ease of use.


Boost the fruit's quality from the orchard

Nearharvest is a special product category that helps minimize orchard problems that can be an issue in postharvest handling such as sunburn or skin cracking among others. By protecting the fruit from these issues, Nearharvest ensures that more produce is available at the packinghouse in optimal conditions, and of better quality (with higher brix levels and less residues), helping to reduce food waste.


Development of specific shellac product for your need

Anning Decco Biotech Co., Ltd, founded in 1996, has made a remarkable impact in the industry. As a joint-venture between Decco Postharvest (UPL limited group) and State-owned Yunnan Anning Chemical (Anhua), our journey began in 1998. Situated in Kunming (Yunnan province), in China's enchanting Southwest, we specialize in natural Shellac products, earning trust globally.

Led by an international management team and employing cutting-edge techniques we produce high-quality and pure natural shellac in a pristine environment prioritizing international quality standards. Regulatory compliance is paramount, with our natural refined shellac being recognized as a direct food additive (E904) by leading agencies. We are a US FDA registered facility, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence. Ethical practices define us, adhering to industrial and labor laws in China and global food additive standards. Environmental responsibility is central to our operations, meticulously treating wastewater and solid waste to meet Chinese discharge standards. Our strength lies in developing tailored shellac products for diverse applications, driven by research and technical expertise.

Customer satisfaction drives us. With a global presence, our natural shellac products resonate in markets worldwide. Anning Decco represents trust and excellence in fine chemical manufacturing, symbolizing a community of professionals devoted to innovation and quality.