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Avocado general characterisitcs

Avocado probably has its origins in the Tehuacan Valley, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It is a fruit broadly cultivated in Central and South America. Although Avocados have become famous in recent years, they are a central ingredient in the traditional “cuisine” of the vast majority of Central and South American countries.

Avocados prefer subtropical and tropical climates, with little wind and non-saline water. Wind reduces the humidity of the soil and therefore dehydrates the flower and the plant, leading to a decrease in the amount of harvested fruit; high saline water affects the yield too.

It is a climacteric fruit, which means that avocados start ripening on the tree but finish ripening off of it. The general way to proceed with avocados is to pick them hard and green, with the proper level of maturity in order to ripen well at room temperatures, on average 2 weeks.

Production areas are mostly focused on Central and South America, however consumption is growing everywhere, above all in developed countries where weather prohibits production. Post harvest treatments are mandatory to improve the shelf life of the fruit, allowing exports to reach consumers. Post harvest treatments allows European consumers to benefit from this powerful fruit.

8 health benefits of avocados

Avocados are rich in various nutrients, vitamins and minerals, since Avocados are considered as “SuperFruits” consumption is increasing yearly in developed countries such as Holland, Germany, France, UK, USA…

Benefits of avocados:

  1. Prevent bad breath: Antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids kill bacteria in your mouth that prevent halitosis.
  2. Aids in maintaining healthy skin: Broadly added to skin care products, Avocados nourish the skin and make it glow.
  3. Protect the liver from damage and ailments: Some researchers suggest that organic compounds from Avocados can improve liver health.
  4. Help treat vitamin K deficiency-related bleeding
  5. Keep eyes healthy: they contain carotenoid that protects your eyes against cataracts, macular degeneration…
  6. Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases: Avocados help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  7. Aid digestion and weight management
  8. Help to overcome nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy


Avocado and post harvest

Avocados, as climacteric fruit, benefit extensively from post harvest treatments. These treatments have allowed avocado to get in the export market, and thanks to it a big industry has been created, which collaborates in the development of the economy.

Post harvest treatments provided by DECCO protect fruit in order to prevent loss of weight, enhance fruit quality… Decco post harvest not only protects avocados but maximizes benefits by reaching consumers in the best shape. Quality is the best differentiation feature for growers, and it is one of the main points when consumers are looking at fruit.

Decco post harvest treatment for avocados

DECCO has developed NATURCOVER EXTRA CONSERVATION, it is a natural edible coating for fruit made of polysaccharides, proteins and fatty acids. As benefits, we can quote that it prevents scalding on seed fruits, even after 6 months of conservation in controlled atmospheric chambers.

DECCO counts with a broad range of equipment in order to give the best performance for Avocados and many other fruit, please visit or contact us, we will be pleased to talk to you and discuss the best post harvest service to increase the profitability of your international deals.


Overview global avocado market

Avocado prices remain stable, while demand is growing. The most produced variety of avocados is the Hass variety, 80% of the world production. Other varieties includes: Choquette, Bacon, Fuerte, Gwen, Lula, Ettinger, Maluma, Pinkerton, and Reed etc…

The worldwide production of avocado in 2016 was 5.03 million metric tons.


Production is concentrated in Central and South America, however Avocado has been introduced in the Mediterranean area, more specifically in Spain, Israel and in some African countries to a lesser extent.

The biggest concern of Post harvest in this market is to meet the high quality standards of consumers with the rapidly growing production of developing countries, where in general terms, they do not have the proper export facilities.


Mexico exported 722,000 tons of avocados in 2017, while in 2016 it was 784,000 tons.

Most important markets are: US, Japan, Canada, Europe and Central America.

Mexico is losing its dominant position in the avocado market to Peru and Chile.


Colombia is the rising star in the avocado market, Colombian avocados are very close to Mexican ones in terms of quality and with this argument they’re trying to expand their commercial agreements, especially with the Chinese government. Colombia aims to expand its avocado exports across the whole of Asia.


Brazil´s exports are mainly focused on Europe, with the Hass variety.

It has the opportunity to expand by 200-300 hectares annually and it´s looking to increase its business in Asia, but it will take some years.


Chile has overtaken Mexico as China’s first supplier. Chile ships 13,000 tons of avocados this year to Asian countries.

Dominican Republic

They produce mainly green-avocados (85%), which are sold for domestic demand. The DR holds 98% of the US green-skin avocado market, thanks to immigrants.

New Zealand

Avocado market value is 200.3 million $, 43,375 tons, more than half of the production is exported.


Coffee and tea plantations are being replaced by avocado plantations.

Challenge: Cold chain and harvest at the right time.


Large calibers, stable production between 45K to 50K tons.


Up to now harvest results have been positive.


Consumption of avocados is growing quickly in developed countries, they are attracted by its healthy features, its exotic flavor and the growing quantity of exotic dishes available. European consumers prefer Hass avocados.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has closed the borders to Mexico because of the sun blotch disease, other countries (US, Australia, Ghana, Spain…) have to assure that avocados won’t come from a risk area.


There is room for 18.14 million kilos of avocados in the market, Mexico will remain the only supplier until the beginning of 2018.

Holanda, Francia, Rusia, Bélgica y Alemania

Demand is increasing thanks to the avocado craze.

Consumption in France 1.6kg per person yearly, 2 kg in Scandinavia, in Germany several years ago it was 250 gr and now is 640 gr.