Decco WorldWide leads the way in Postharvest

Decco WorldWide leads the way in Postharvest

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Decco Worldwide, the postharvest division of the agrochemical multinational UPL, has just completed its World Wide Meeting 2015 in Antalya, Turkey, where it gathered its management team from the Group’s 13 entities.

Turkey, which is one of Decco’s emerging markets, served as an ideal platform to discuss the group’s strategic and growth plans to be implemented over the next four years.

Decco’s main activity focuses on postharvest treatments for fruit and vegetables (mainly waxes, edible coatings and fungicides) ensuring the optimal preservation of fruit properties from harvest to consumption.

During a week of meetings, the launch of new product lines into the world market, recent successes and future projects were discussed. 

In line with conventional products, thermofogging, the new application system developed by Decco US, has allowed greater efficiency with a new generation anti-scald fungicide, Fluidoxinil. Furthermore, Decco Iberica, launched Melanite into the market, following the exclusion of Guazatine. Melanite’s use is intended for citrus decay control providing customers with a solution to the problems caused by Geotrichum. 

Likewise, some successful cases of different Decco entities were shared and analyzed in order to export them to other regions, guaranteeing our customers access to new postharvest treatments. 

Finally, the Technical and R+D+I departments shared research and development processes currently underway for the launch of new postharvest solutions for packing houses that will enable them to deliver fruit to the market in optimal condition. 

Decco WorldWide, which is the only global postharvest company, doubled its sales between 2006 and 2015 following its acquisition by UPL. The driving force behind these results was the excellent performance of the two main subsidiaries, Decco US and Decco Iberica, along with good results in the emerging markets of Latin America, China and India. In addition, Decco WorldWide plans to double its turnover over the next four years. 

These type of internal events allow growth strategies to be unified thus making them sustainable in order to provide greater value to our customers around the world.

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