Decco will be at Fruit Logistica 2012

Decco will be at Fruit Logistica 2012

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Among the novelties that we will present this year at the fair will undoubtedly stand out those of the NATURCOVER line. NATURCOVER is mainly focused on Fruits and vegetables. It allows reaching the markets with greater freshness by decreasing dehydration and wrinkling, being able to improve the presentation in destinations nearby and arrive in unbeatable conditions at overseas destinations. In the conservation of plums the benefit is direct since a marked difference in commercial categories with respect to untreated fruit.

On the other hand, Decco has started the commercialization of products that applied in pre-harvest they provide a considerable improvement in yield and quality of the fruit at harvest time. DECCOSHIELD, ultimate sunscreen generation that is obtaining certification in organic production and p.integrada will benefit farmers and marketers, since in addition to avoiding stained by sun strokes provides other benefits. DECCOSHIELD in apples and pears increases yields per hectare and improves colouring.

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