Decco at Fruitlogistica Berlin

Decco at Fruitlogistica Berlin

News , | 11 Feb 2011 | DECCO | NA , | decco_enfl2011_es.pdf |

The DECCO group participates once again in the next edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA 2011. The company arrives in BERLIN after a year of strong international growth. With facilities of manufacturing and research in the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Israel, South Africa, China and India, Decco is constantly improving its services with new formulations, products and equipment. Well established in the Northern Hemisphere since its inception, Decco is immersed in an ambitious implementation and development project in emerging markets and the Hemisphere South.

The recent acquisition of CITRASHINE in South Africa is proof of this. Considered a leader in service, production, research and development of technology for fruit coatings, the company is the oldest serving the market of.

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