Decco and Fruittrade Chile 2010

Decco and Fruittrade Chile 2010

News , | 09 Jun 2010 | DECCO | NA , | FRUITTRADE_chile_2010_esp.pdf |

FRUITTRADE is the main business conference in South America, since Chile is the Main Producer in the Fruit and Vegetable Field of the Southern Hemisphere.

FRUITTRADE, was created 7 years ago by the Federation of Producers of Fruits and Vegetables of Chile (FEDEFRUTA), due to the need to make business directly between domestic producers and foreign buyers.

DECCO POSTHARVEST has been the only company dedicated to Postharvest of fresh fruits and vegetables, present at this important event, giving support, confidence and answers to all the new needs of producers dedicated both to the export of Horticultural products and the market national.

According to the statistics of the last business conference, the main products traded are: - Nuts 7.2%, Fresh fruits 83.2%, Vegetables 9.6%. The destination of these products are: - South America 45.1%, North America, 19.6%, Europe 23.5%, Asia 3.9% and others 7.9%.

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