Chile – Moving with the times

Chile – Moving with the times

News , | 10 Feb 2010 | DECCO | NA , | Chile-moving-with-the-times.pdf |

Chile may well be a small and still developing nation but it ranks as the eighth most attractive country with which to do business and the most competitive in Latin America. As a fresh fruit supplier, Chile enjoys a sound position on the global market but challenges remain. With a population of just 60m people, Chile Is dependent on overseas consumption, meaning suppliers must continue to adapt to the very latest trends and demands. 

"Chile is a strategic and reliable worldwide supplier," explains Ronald Bown, chairman of the Chilean Exporters Association (Asoex). "We are a phytosanitary island; enjoy one of the few Mediterranean climates In the world; have the growing conditions to produce 75 different fruit species; benefit from consistent quality and volume and closely follow market demands and buyer requirements. But even though Chile is so specialised in fruit production we still need to work hard to satisfy the changes in demands."

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