Argentina – new season proves complicated.pdf

Argentina – new season proves complicated.pdf

News , | 22 Feb 2010 | DECCO | NA , | Argentina-new-season-proves-complicated.pdf |

The Argentinean apple and pear industry is anticipating less volume this year following a period of sustained, unstable weather, including a cooler-than-normal spring period. Early forecasts indicate that the country’s pear production will fall by 23 per cent against 2009, while the apple crop is expected to contract by I5 per cent. In-turn, exports are predicted to contract, which is just as ‘well as high local stocks keep a lid on demand across Europe, Argentina's most important market. 

"Argentina is expecting one of its smallest topfruit crops in years," Betina Ernst of Argentinean analyse Top Info Marketing cells Eurofruic Magazine. "For some time now suppliers have been anticipating quite a small output and chis outlook was confirmed by a recent forecast from the Rio Negro region where 90 per cent of pears and 80 per cent of apples are produced in Argentina.  "According to the report. Argentinean pear production is likely co reach around 523.000 tonnes. which is down by 23 per cem against last year and will make the 2010 crop the smallest of the last five years. Apple production. meanwhile. is expected to come in at 652,000 tonnes, which represents a shortfall of I 5 per cent and the smallest output in a decade."

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