Tomato and Pepper

Both tomatoes and peppers are valuable in culinary applications, providing essential nutrients, flavor, and versatility in cooking. They are key components of many cuisines worldwide.
They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and are warm-season crops being sensitive to frost. Implementing good agricultural practices, proper handling, integrated postharvest management and storage practices can significantly reduce the incidence of postharvest diseases in tomatoes and peppers.


DECCO products for Nearharvest help improve crop quality and yield. In tomato and pepper, it is an important step in the production so that tomato and pepper reach the packinghouse in its optimal conditions for postharvest applications. It is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for trees to grow and produce high-quality fruit.


  • Help control the growth and development of trees.
  • Provide nutrients to improve color and flavor.
  • Protect from UV light, avoiding potential problems from the field during postharvest applications.

Washing Station

Upon arrival at the packinghouse, one of the main processes to which the fruits are subjected is washing and disinfection. The purpose of this process is to eliminate all the residues that the fruits accumulate on their surface such as dust, dirt or gravel, as well as possible pathogenic microorganisms that later lead to typical diseases of the post-harvest period, such as rot.


  • Helping to eliminate remains of phytosanitary products used during the harvest.
  • Clean dirt and dust.
  • Reduce the presence of pathogenic organisms.
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