Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them a nutritious choice. A proper postharvest handling is crucial to ensure the fruit's quality, extend its shelf life, and maintain its nutritional value while preventing decay and meet market standarts. Additionally efficient postharvest practices ensure customer satisfaction, export opportunities, and economic sustainability.


DECCO products for Nearharvest help improve crop quality and yield. In pomegranade, it is an important step in the production so that the pomegranade reaches the packinghouse in its optimal conditions for postharvest applications. It is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for trees to grow and produce high-quality fruit.


  • Help control the growth and development of trees.
  • Provide nutrients to improve color and flavor.
  • Protect from UV light, avoiding potential problems from the field during postharvest applications.

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It is the process of applying products in the treatment line for the control of diseases to help reduce the incidence of these diseases in the fruit and reduce dehydration, the respiratory rate and therefore oxidation, protecting them from microorganisms and making them visually more attractive. The application of products in postharvest helps to minimize the loss of quality, avoid dehydration, and preserve citrus for a longer time.


  • Protects the surface of the fruit.
  • Reduce physiopathies.
  • Increases the shine and improves the external appearance of the fruit.
  • Considerably reduces water loss.
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