Pome Fruit

Pomes are climacteric fruits, grown in cold weather regions. Commercially speaking, the season is divided in summer and winter cultivars. Thanks to a correct postharvest handling pomes are available to consumer with a year round supply.


DECCO products for Nearharvest help improve crop quality and yield. In pome fruit, it is an important step in the production so that the pome fruit reaches the packinghouse in its optimal conditions for postharvest applications. It is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for trees to grow and produce high-quality fruit.


  • Help control the growth and development of trees.
  • Provide nutrients to improve color and flavor.
  • Protect from UV light, avoiding potential problems from the field during postharvest applications.


It is the first process to which the fruits are subjected after their arrival at the packinghouse. It is a machine specially designed to easily and uniformly apply different fungicide treatments to postharvest fruits, using water as a diffusion channel.


  • Reduction of pathogens and microorganisms prolonging the useful life.
  • Reduction of dirt coming from the field.
  • Homogeneous application of the initial treatments.

Washing Station

Upon arrival at the packinghouse, one of the main processes to which the fruits are subjected is washing and disinfection. The purpose of this process is to eliminate all the residues that the fruits accumulate on their surface such as dust, dirt or gravel, as well as possible pathogenic microorganisms that later lead to typical diseases of the post-harvest period, such as rot.


  • Helping to eliminate remains of phytosanitary products used during the harvest.
  • Clean dirt and dust.
  • Reduce the presence of pathogenic organisms.

Online Application

It is the process of applying products in the treatment line for the control of diseases to help reduce the incidence of these diseases in the fruit and reduce dehydration, the respiratory rate and therefore oxidation, protecting them from microorganisms and making them visually more attractive. The application of products in postharvest helps to minimize the loss of quality, avoid dehydration, and preserve citrus for a longer time.


  • Protects the surface of the fruit.
  • Reduce physiopathies.
  • Increases the shine and improves the external appearance of the fruit.
  • Considerably reduces water loss.


Pome fruits are climacteric fruits, therefore they continue to ripen once they are cut from the tree. To adequately protect citrus from pathogens and cold, it is essential to treat the fruits using suitable products that also help to achieve successful conservation.


  • Achieve good rotten control.
  • Maintain the firmness of the fruit.
  • Avoid visual defects such as staining.
  • Reduce weight loss.
  • They help to reduce the symptoms of cold damage.
  • Improve the appearance of shine.

Surface Cleaning and Disinfection of Packhouse

Surface detergents and sanitizers play a pivotal role in ensuring the cleanliness and safety of packing lines and pack house surfaces during the postharvest period. The significance of this step cannot be overstated, as it directly contributes to preventing contamination and maintaining the integrity of harvested produce. 


  • They target unseen microorganisms that could be transferred to the produce.
  • They help in maintaining a hygienic packing area and surfaces which is essential to preserve the freshness.
  • They support the compliance with safety standart in postharvest handling process.
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