Why Post-Harvest Matters

Worldwide, a third of all food produced goes uneaten.

That’s more than1 billion tons food annually.

This waste costs the global economyUS $940 billion.

Generates 8% of our planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

DECCO, 90 years protecting fruit from decay.

We are proud of our long heritage in postharvest and the combined expertise we have around the world.

Through our everyday job, we enable more and better fresh food for the world.

More than 15 million tons of fruit & vegetables are protected by DECCO, every year.

DECCO works in direct collaboration with major fruit & vegetables producers and exporters across the world, to reduce food waste and enhance freshness, along the food value chain.


DECCO, a global leader in Postharvest

Decco Map

We are Global and Local.

Present in

40 countries,

200 employees

working with local fruit & vegetables producers, packinghouses, and exporters.

DECCO provides solutions for every stage of the food value chain

DECCO delivers value every day to growers, packers, shippers and all the way through distribution and retail.

Near Harvest

Near Harvest

Sun-protection products to reduce heat/drought stress and UV radiations. Anti-cracking solutions to protect cherries from rain damages.

Packing House

Packing Houses

Biological and conventional fungicides, sanitizers, cleaners, coatings and equipment to protect the produce from pathogens and reduce food waste.



Storage products to prevent decay and loss of freshness, reduce sprouting.



Sanitation, ethylene and decay control. Data monitor for temperature changes



Sanitation, ethylene and decay control. Data monitor for global shipping to nearly all major export markets


Distribution centers and retailers

Sanitation products to reduce spore count and control human and plant pathogens in cold storage rooms