Stone fruits get their names for the pit or "stone" in the center of a fleshy outer area and thin skin. The availability is generally from late April through mid November and requires meticulous post harvest handling in order to protect and maintain the quality


Upon arrival at the packinghouse, one of the main processes to which the fruits are subjected is washing and disinfection. The purpose of this process is to eliminate all the residues that the fruits accumulate on their surface such as dust, dirt or gravel, as well as possible pathogenic microorganisms that later lead to typical diseases of the post-harvest period, such as rot.


  • Helping to eliminate remains of phytosanitary products used during the harvest.
  • Clean dirt and dust.
  • Reduce the presence of pathogenic organisms.

Online Fungicide Treatment

It is the process of applying fungicides using flooders to control diseases and help reduce the incidence of these diseases in citrus.


  •  It is an efficient application

Online Coating Treatment

To minimize the loss of quality, avoid dehydration and preserve citrus for a longer time, coating is used. This is a technique that consists of applying a coating which is removed from the fruit during the washing process. This coating makes the fruit visibly attractive.


  • Considerably reduces water loss.
  • Protects the surface of the fruit.
  • Reduce physiopathies.
  • Increases the shine and improves the external appearance of the fruit.
  • It acts as a barrier to the gases that enter and leave the fruit, generating a modified atmosphere, which delays the ripening process.
  • Increase the marketing period.
  • Reduction of dehydration.
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