Potatoes are the number one fresh vegetable in the United States and the fourth most grown crop in the world. About one third of US potatoes are consumed fresh, while approximately sixty percent are destined for processing. To supply the market with fresh potatoes year-round, producers must store the crop for extended periods. It is vital to prevent diseases and degradation of tubers during the storage period to ensure potatoes reach their final market with the highest quality possible.

Decco is your trusted source for Fresh Defense potato storage products. Fresh Defense solutions will protect your investment from harvest to the consumer. A comprehensive Fresh Defense potato storage management program from Decco will help maintain tuber quality and mitigate post-harvest losses.

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Decco near harvest treatments can be used to improve size profile uniformity, decrease late sets, and provide sprout control in storage.


  • Excellent early sprout control 
  • Eliminate volunteer potatoes
  • Reduce secondary tuber growth and chaining 
  • Improve uniformity of size profile


Potatoes may be stored for extended periods. Sprouting is a major concern for potato storage management. Decco storage solutions provide excellent sprout control for extended storage programs.


  • Excellent sprout control 
  • Maintain potato quality
  • Reduce storage losses


After storage, potatoes are washed to eliminate dirt and diseases carried over from the field and provide protection against pathogens. Sanitizers and disinfectants ensure handling equipment remains clean and helps to remove pathogenic organisms from the surface of potatoes.


  • Improve food safety
  • Extend shelf life of potatoes
  • Reduce post-packing losses

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Potatoes are packaged and shipped around the globe. To minimize losses during shipping, Decco liquid sprout control products and waxes are used to extend the shelf life of fresh potatoes. 


  • Extend shelf life of potatoes
  • Reduce post-packing losses
  • Maintain tuber quality
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