The US grows roughly 350,000 acres of pome fruit every year. Apples are the classic pome fruit and have 100 different varieties. As with apples, pears have overlapping season of availability and have it's own distinctive color, flavor and texture. Efficient post harvest handling is necessary to prevent diseases and extend the quality during storage and transportation throughout the year.


It is the first process to which the fruits are subjected after their arrival at the packinghouse. It is a machine specially designed to easily and uniformly apply different fungicide treatments to post-harvest fruits.


  • Reduction of pathogens and microorganisms prolonging shelf life.

Dump Tank

A delivery system from field or storage to packing line. Water is treated with a sanitizer in order to minimize decay and human pathogens


  • Minimize decay and human pathogens


Soaps are added to remove calcium deposit, waxy fruit, field dust and dirt prior to sanitization. This process is to condition the fruit for optimal packing


  • Conditions fruit prior to packing to ensure longer shelf life

Online Fungicide Treatment

It is the process of applying fungicides using flooders to control diseases and help reduce the incidence of these diseases in citrus.


  • It is an efficient application

Online Coating Treatment

To minimize the loss of quality, avoid dehydration and preserve pome fruit, coatings are used. In this way dehydration, respiratory rate and therefore oxidation are reduced, protecting them from microorganisms and making them visually more attractive.


  • Considerably reduces water loss.
  • Protects the surface of the fruit.
  • Increases the shine and improves the external appearance of the fruit.
  • It acts as a barrier which delays the ripening process.
  • Increase the marketing period.
  • Reduction of dehydration.


Using fungicides helps minimize losses due to decay


  • Decay control.
  • Maintain the firmness of the fruit.
  • Minimize visual defects 
  • Reduce weight loss.
  • They help to reduce the symptoms of cold damage.
  • Improve the appearance of shine.
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