The US cherry industry produces more than 650 million pounds a year and is the second largest producer globally. It has a relatively short season and optimal, careful post harvest handling is crucial to preserve and maintain quality.


DECCO products for Nearharvest help improve crop quality and yield. In cherries, it is an important step in the production so that the cherry reaches the packinghouse in its optimal conditions for post-harvest applications. It is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for trees to grow and produce high-quality fruit.


  • Help control the growth and development of trees.
  • Provide nutrients to improve color and flavor.
  • Protect from UV light, avoiding potential problems from the field during postharvest applications.


As soon as cherries are harvested treated hydrocooled water is used either at the field or pack house.


  • Cherries will continue to ripen. The hydroccoling process helps delay ripening.

Dump tank/Hydrocooling

Cherries flow through fungicide treated hydro cooled water from dump tank to packing station


  • Protects from decay

Online Fungicide Treatment

Cherries move through an online spray or tank fungicide


  • Protects from decay
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