Research and Development

Research and Development have been given the highest priority in our Company's business plan. We strongly believe that through emphasis on knowledge, we can compete in the world market. Today, in DECCO we have developed very good capabilities in basic and applied research.

Today we have a large team of scientists and engineers continuously working on new products and also seeking improvements in existing plants and processes.

Over and the above, the development of new products for the future, our Research and Development gives importance to environmental, health and safety concerns in the production of all our products.

New product development with field research

Our team acts as the technical interface between the Company, the scientific community and the farmers. Product development is a knowledge-intensive process that requires an in-depth study of chemistry, toxicology and bio-efficacy. Our team spends lot of time and energy in the development of new products.

Our product development team is very rich when it comes to knowledge and ideas. Other than conducting regular field experiments and keeping a track on various product performances, the team also collects competitive inputs. Based on all these parameters, the team generates creative ideas. Our expertise in developing new products is primarily correlated with the needs of the farmers to shape the feasibility of our most promising ideas meant to explore the opportunities for the Company in different market segments across the world.

Proven science in the field

The goal of post-harvest science is to maintain all the texture, flavour, appearance and healthiness of produce for as long as is necessary. We continuously invest substantial R&D resources in new and improved packing equipment and produce preservation products so we can meet changing market demands.

At Decco manufacturing facilities, our pilot packing allows us to simulate various packing operations during the development of new products. In our produce rooms, we can replicate types of conditions that may exist in packing and storage areas. Decco specialists are equipped to study produce over long storage periods at temperatures ranging from 31F to 70F.

By keeping our focus on individual customer requirements, and by continuing to provide innovative approaches to fresh produce packing, Decco helps you gain a competitive edge.

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