Cost effective production with environmental compliance

At along with the expansion of the plants, we have to keep the cost of production low. Our facilities are under pressure to meet the increasing demand from different parts of the world.

As the internal norms on pollution, effluent, waste products are much stricter than the statutory norms, the manufacturing sites face a large number of challenges in adhering to the internal norms.

These norms often limit companies abilities to increase the rate of production. Challenges for production engineering team is to identify the most cost effective method to control the emissions and effluents from the new improved process, while keeping the costs low, for taking competitive advantage of the final products.

At Decco "in process research and development" team regulates and evaluates the impact of regulations on the environment while considering the expansion of the batch process or continuous chemical plant. They all go through rigorous process study to ensure that it brings down the cost of production and it is in environmental compliance.